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Secret Shopper Application Guidelines

  • ONLY the required questions in our Secret Shopper online application form need to be answered. 

  • You (the Secret Shopper applicant) will not be disadvantaged OR discriminated against in any way, shape or form by not answering any question that is not outlined by our system as compulsory. Many of the questions in our application are NOT compulsory.


  • Please be aware Secret Shopping is about attention to detail. As such, please make sure that any compulsory questions contained in your application are filled out to the best of your ability.​ Please see below for an outline of the compulsory parts of each individual application section.

Why do we ask you to provide your date of birth?

We ask for your date of birth for several reasons:

  • Some of our assignments may require you to enter licenced premises

  • That an assignment may require the purchase of alcohol 

  • We also need to know if you are legally of age to work in Australia 

  • From time to time we do have assignments which require a certain age demographic. For example, this could relate to inquiring about an aged care facility where the minimum age for admission is 50+.


The MORE section of our Secret Shopper application form is designed to allow you (the Secret Shopper applicant) to outline your skills.


It is important to fill this section out in full and to follow the instructions provided as closely as possible.


This section is looked at very closely by our assignment booking team. What we are looking for firstly is your ability to follow instructions.


Secondly, we look at your written service experience; this will outline to us the level of your spelling, grammar and punctuation.


We then look at several other factors.

Why should you complete the MORE section to a high standard?


When you complete your application and one of our team looks at the MORE section of your application/profile, we make an initial decision regarding your suitability for this type of work.


What we initially look for is:


Attention to detail

Good spelling and grammar

That our instructions have been followed

The type of transport available to you

Your computer skills

Your general availability etc.

Why do we ask these questions?


We ask these questions to gain a better understanding of your skills and suitability for this type of work.


Many of our assignments do require some written reporting; as such, we look very closely at your example service experience. This is an approximately 300-word example of a recent service experience in a retail store, or similar. This example of a service experience will give us a good indication regarding the level of your written communication skills.

How are my personal details handled?


To view how your personal details are handled please click on the link below to view our privacy policy.


By clicking apply I confirm I have read and understand the details listed above


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​​Saturday: 9am - 5pm

​Sunday: Closed

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