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How The Secret Shopper can help your Business

At the Secret Shopper Mystery Shopping Services, we offer a reliable, accurate and inexpensive method of customer service quality control, which provides our clients with a means of identifying the good customer service within their stores, salons or restaurants, and the not so good customer service, which could be costing them money every day.

We are Australian owned and have been in business for well over 13 years. 

We specialise in Australian Secret Shopping and given the wealth of experience we have, we are very well placed to help most businesses achieve their goals in providing next-level customer service, product knowledge and value-adding.


If your sales staff are not properly qualifying and serving your customers, how many walk out each day without purchasing, or receiving the information they need to make an informed buying decision, and what is the net short term and long term cost of this to your business, reputation, and bottom line.

Our Secret Shopper programs are designed to make money for our highly valued clients, to find out how, simply email us, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss what we do in further detail. 

All our surveys are individually designed to meet the exact needs of each of our clients, making each Secret Shopper campaign unique and tailored specifically for your individual needs.

We also use a cutting edge, World Class, online Secret Shopper platform, to offer our valued clients next-level access to their completed surveys and drill down statistical information. 

We also offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy with our work. 

Over the years we have serviced hundreds of businesses in Australia, and have clients who have worked with us for over a decade, to help take their customer service experience to the next level and grow their business and earnings exponentially.


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​Sunday: Closed

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